5 Keys to Selling


1. Make the Decision

Making the decision will kick-start the entire selling process! 

2. Find a Local Agent

Selling your home can be stressful working with an agent that knows the industry and what it takes to get a home sold in YOUR area will be a great asset to your team. Agents have access to hundreds of buys and tools that makes selling a home fast and east. 

3. Be Transparent

You and your agent are now a team. To give your agent the best advantages to sell your home being transparent is a MUST. Remember the leaky faucet in the basement bathroom? Tell them! Don't leave out any details when it comes to your home. 

4. Be a teammate

Hiring an agent doesn't mean you get to grab some popcorn and watch from the sidelines while the agent does all the work. There are areas you can help out with. Like, keeping your homes curb appeal up or making sure your house spotless incase there needs to be a short notice showing. Working with your agent in those areas will make you an unstoppable team to getting your home sold. 

5. Be Patient

Selling a home takes longer than the 30 minutes HGTV portrays. Selling a home may take weeks or months, stay patient. Your agent has your best interest in mind and is working hard to get your home sold.